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Busted: Dad finds himself once again in the doghouse

When it comes to taking care of the grass, Dad is usually pretty on top of things, unless (of course) little garter snakes might be lurking about. Sunday was a terrific day here in the Northwest for lawn care, not too hot and a little overcast. So, it was with great gusto that the fam headed outside to do some chores.

Donna and Ben dove into picking apples off of our tree in the backyard while Dad jumped in to mow the grass. All was going really smoothly until Dad finished the back and was moving the lawnmower to the front yard. He stopped to chat with the neighbors for a minute, but that was quickly interrupted with a shriek from inside their house as their daughter called out for them: she had just gotten engaged and wanted to show here parents the ring. Congrats to Lindsay!

Well, back to our story. It just so happens that the annual Hillsboro Airshow was going on this weekend. As we all know, when airplanes are a flyin’, Dad is looking up at the sky. Donna had taken the wagon and a cooler around the block to pick apples from the tree as it overhangs the fence in the backyard.

About this time, Dad hears the roar of jets off in the distance but is frustrated that he can’t see much. It is about this time that he had what seemed to be at the time a stroke of genius: with no one around to supervise him, the roof seemed to offer a great vantage point to view the airshow. So, he drags the ladder out of the garage, grabs his aviation radio, and heads up to the peak of the house for a better view.

Unbeknown to him, Donna had returned from apple picking to find a lawnmower sitting idly by in the driveway and a ladder leading up to the roof. She grabbed a camera and proceeded to document his loafing in order to share it with the rest of the world.

For the record, Dad would like to point out, though, that the yard did get finished that day and looks marvelous. He is still in the doghouse, though.

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The Summer of Fishing

With Ben continuing to get bigger, he’s within a quarter-inch of being taller than Donna, he’s old enough to go on some different kinds of outings. One of our neighbors has been kind enough to let us borrow his canoe (actually, his brothers) and we’ve been hitting Henry Hagg Lake pretty hard for the last month. The lake is heavily stocked with trout, but we haven’t had much luck catching them so far.

However, we’ve had some good experiences with other fish. Ben was able to catch a 3-lb smallmouth bass a few weeks ago. Since we have been using ultralight gear, the pole doubled-over on him and he had a blast reeling it in. The lake has produced something like the last five state records for smallmouth, so there are some pretty large ones in there. We can only hope to catch more!

On Saturday (June 5), we hit the lake in search of crappie and weren’t disappointed. We managed to bring home six in the 10-12 inch range and let several others go.

We are both looking forward to the end of school and being able to spend more time on the water this summer (being sure to wear adequate amounts of sunscreen). Be sure to look for us out on the water in a red canoe.

Crappie caught on June 5, 2010

Ben with his very impressive smallmouth bass

Ben enjoying the fish of his labors

6 Miles Up: World Debut

As many of you know, we threw a big fund-raising benefit concert for a friend of the family over the weekend.  The event was a Mardi Gras themed party and, of course, you can’t have a Mardi Gras party without authentic New Orleans music. So, Scott brought in the 3 Twins, comprised of John Magnie, Steve, Amedee, and Tim Cook, along with their guitar player Jay Clear. John, Steve, and Tim are members of the subdudes and all have long ties to NOLA music.

Scott really wanted to send out a special song for our guest of honor, Kelli, and came up with the idea of using a song that he has written that has an appropriate message in the song. He selected 6 Miles Up, a song written about a flight attendant. Scott had the lyrics and music written for the song, but hadn’t shown it to the band yet. So, we all sat down on Friday afternoon and put together the arrangement for the song, led by the brilliance of John and his lead on vocals and the accordion. At John’s suggestion, we ended up taking the chorus out of the song and performing it at the show. A BIG shout out to John and the guys for lending a hand putting this together.

The song ended up being a great hit and everyone enjoyed it.  Scott is looking forward to getting the song finished and watching it climb the charts. To listen to the song, click on the link below:

6 miles up

Mom and Dad celebrate 20th

Way back in December, 1989, Mom and Dad got married on a cold, rainy day in Indianapolis on 12/30. The cold and rainy portion of the ceremony evidently explains how they ended up in the Pacific Northwest! At any rate, anniversary number 20 (can you believe it?) rolled around on 12/30/09. To celebrate, they headed downtown to watch the new Sherlock Holmes movie, which was quite good, and had dinner at the always wonderful Heathman Restaurant and Bar. Hopefully, great food, great movie, and generally great time portend another blissful 20 years, but we’re trying not to think that far ahead yet.

Dad gets buttered up (and likes it)

It’s not uncommon for students in a class to add little notes at the end of their exams. Most are along the lines of lighthearted buttering up (Go Giants! and that sort of thing). Every once in a while there’s a more substantive note like this one:

I wanted to end this (exam) by letting you know I enjoyed your class so much. My favorite c.j. class yet. The way you teach is perfect and I have retained more information from you than a majority of other classes combined. I hope to have the privilege of taking another with you before my college career is finished. So thank you!

Warms the soul at the end of a long quarter.

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