6 Miles Up: World Debut

As many of you know, we threw a big fund-raising benefit concert for a friend of the family over the weekend.  The event was a Mardi Gras themed party and, of course, you can’t have a Mardi Gras party without authentic New Orleans music. So, Scott brought in the 3 Twins, comprised of John Magnie, Steve, Amedee, and Tim Cook, along with their guitar player Jay Clear. John, Steve, and Tim are members of the subdudes and all have long ties to NOLA music.

Scott really wanted to send out a special song for our guest of honor, Kelli, and came up with the idea of using a song that he has written that has an appropriate message in the song. He selected 6 Miles Up, a song written about a flight attendant. Scott had the lyrics and music written for the song, but hadn’t shown it to the band yet. So, we all sat down on Friday afternoon and put together the arrangement for the song, led by the brilliance of John and his lead on vocals and the accordion. At John’s suggestion, we ended up taking the chorus out of the song and performing it at the show. A BIG shout out to John and the guys for lending a hand putting this together.

The song ended up being a great hit and everyone enjoyed it.  Scott is looking forward to getting the song finished and watching it climb the charts. To listen to the song, click on the link below:

6 miles up

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