Mom and Dad celebrate 20th

Way back in December, 1989, Mom and Dad got married on a cold, rainy day in Indianapolis on 12/30. The cold and rainy portion of the ceremony evidently explains how they ended up in the Pacific Northwest! At any rate, anniversary number 20 (can you believe it?) rolled around on 12/30/09. To celebrate, they headed downtown to watch the new Sherlock Holmes movie, which was quite good, and had dinner at the always wonderful Heathman Restaurant and Bar. Hopefully, great food, great movie, and generally great time portend another blissful 20 years, but we’re trying not to think that far ahead yet.

Christmas Day 2009

Some random shots of Ben opening presents on Christmas Day 2009.

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Recent pictures

We’ve added some pics from the last couple of years. To view them as a slideshow, click the link that says View with PicLens. The show will automatically load for you. To view individual pictures (and scroll through the entire series), simply click on the photo that you’d like to start with. You’ll then be able to go through each picture individually. Simply click the photo to exit. Caution: We’ve optimized the site for high-speed connection. Some of the photos are quite large and may take some time to load with a dial-up connection. If this poses a problem for you, drop us a note and we’ll scale down the image size (but, we’ll lose some quality). The editor.

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Christmas Cards are in the mail!

After being quite remiss about sending out cards for the past two years (see the full explanation in the Top 10 List of Things You Might Have Missed During the Past Two Years) we are proud to announce that Christmas Cards are in the mail and should be arriving shortly. For the past several years, we’ve been buying our cards from the Air Safety Foundation and have been very satisfied with the cards we’ve gotten.

The 2009 Cunningham Christmas Card

2009 Christmas Card

Lego Robotics Competition

Ben’s Lego Robotics team got a terrific surprise in early December as they won an award in their regional competition. They won the prize for Best Junior Teamj, as they were comprised of only children 11 years old and younger. Three turned out to be the magic number, as they had not won the previous two years. The win means that they will be participating in the state finals in January in Hillsboro. More information about what they had to accomplish can be found from the First Lego League. Needless to say, all of the kids were extremely excited to advance and are looking forward to another month of robotics. The video shows some of the competition and the kids generally having fun.

Meet the Griswolds

We’ve been hard at work decorating for Christmas. We got a head start on some of the exterior lights in mid-November, much to the chagrin of the neighbors who then felt like they were slackers. The decorating began in earnest the day after Thanksgiving with Ben ready to go outside at 7:00 a.m. He evidently wanted to go out that early so that he could work in the dark and see the lights develop into a thing of beauty as they were hung with care. Needless to say, Dad didn’t quite make it out that early. After thinking about going with a helicopter theme, complete with helipad, we decided to go with an airplane and runway look. Check out the snowmen working on the flightline!

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Dad gets buttered up (and likes it)

It’s not uncommon for students in a class to add little notes at the end of their exams. Most are along the lines of lighthearted buttering up (Go Giants! and that sort of thing). Every once in a while there’s a more substantive note like this one:

I wanted to end this (exam) by letting you know I enjoyed your class so much. My favorite c.j. class yet. The way you teach is perfect and I have retained more information from you than a majority of other classes combined. I hope to have the privilege of taking another with you before my college career is finished. So thank you!

Warms the soul at the end of a long quarter.

Survivor: The Holiday Edition

The fam’ got a head start on putting up Christmas lights over the weekend. Ben got to climb up on the roof for the first time and really enjoyed the view. No one fell off, but Scott’s back was a little sore after all the bending and stooping. We also didn’t have any electrical malfunctions, so, all in all, a really good day!

Scott helps Ben walk along the roof in his first trip ever up on top of the house.

Scott helps Ben walk along the roof in his first trip ever up on top of the house.

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Welcome to the Ben Times!

Howdy! Welcome to the all new, completely on-line version of the popular Ben Times. What started as a rather modest, albeit funny, effort nearly 11 years ago has morphed into something that none of us really expected way back when.  Please be sure to check back for updates and to eventually subscribe to the page so that you can receive all updates as they are posted. Till then, the editor.

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